SEO Tools – Power Indexer Pro

Power Indexer Pro

Yeah, found this one and cracked it in a minute…seems like im getting back into actual cracking 😀


SEO Tools – Captcha Sniper 5 RC2

Recently it came to my mind, that I should promote my blog a little bit and stumbled over SEO and some tools.

I was quite astonished, that I wasn’t able to find the newest versions of some of those tools on the internet.

So I decided to give it a try: first target was Catpcha Sniper

Captcha Sniper 5 RC2

I started with Captcha Sniper because I was quite interested in captcha recognition once and even started with neural networks to create my own captcha recognition. Therefore I was a little bit disappointed after I found out, that it’s only using tesseract and a really horrible implementation of those cleaning algos and I started searching for other tools.

Let’s see what’s next. Maybe I’ll release them soon on rtn.